About Buy to Lease

Buy To Lease is a car buying agent and will purchase a suitably vetted and fully inspected vehicle (or vehicles) on your behalf.

GetMeCarFinance  is a trading name of GetMeFinance Limited and has a 10-year track record in offering car finance to the public. GetMeFinance Limited is fully licensed (licence number 661934) and FCA regulated. GetMeCarFinance have a ready-made market and substantial waiting list of customers - who have been approved through the GetMeFinance underwriting system - seeking to lease cars.

The Offering
GetMeCarFinance will pay you hire charges quarterly as per your contracted agreement for 3 years. At the end of your 3 year term you have the option to have the cars back or GetMeCarFinance will purchase the vehicle back at a fixed price equivalent to the original purchase price of the vehicle.

Better than Buy To Let. Here's Why: Car ownership is much cheaper than owning property – starting from just £10,000. Leasing through GetMeCarFinance is totally hassle free. GetMeCarFinance monitor the risk element throughout the lease period regarding insurance, payments and maintenance. Cars are a highly liquid asset and GetMeCarFinance have a list of customers ready to lease, meaning in case of default they have customers waiting.

Buy to Lease Limited

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